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On behalf of the Committee for 2022-2023, I am delighted to welcome you to the York Law Society! We are one of the largest and most active companies on campus and recognized nationally after winning the LawCareers.net « Best Law Society for Non-Lawyer Students » award in 2017 and 2018. The company has three main objectives. The first is to help you understand life in the legal industry, no matter what career path you choose. The second is to help you achieve your ambitions by providing you with networking, educational, and professional opportunities. The third is to create a safe place for you to reach them. With our three key themes of inclusion, diversity and well-being, society is a great place for law and non-law students to relax, meet new people and come together as a community. Drawing from fields as diverse as philosophy, anthropology and criminology, you will focus on critical thinking, research and analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of the law, how it has influenced the course of history, and the role it plays in today`s society. Examine crucial issues such as the nature and origin of the right; legislation and violations of the law; rights and obligations; Freedom and responsibility. I have enjoyed every minute of my membership in this society so far and I promise you that you will too. The committee and I look forward to making 2022-2023 the Law Society`s best year yet. See law – one of the most important expressions of the social and political development of a modern society – from all sides. Law and Society is one of the oldest and largest law programs in North America with over 30 years of history and approximately 1,000 students.

Our programme provides a framework in which students can explore different approaches to law with interdisciplinary approaches as well as international and comparative perspectives. Learn from innovative faculty who bring a wide range of expertise and training to the classroom. Join a close-knit community of students who actively participate in lively debates and collaborations. We have a number of options open to everyone! If you`re interested in football or netball, why not join one of our inclusive teams (all genders are welcome!)? If you enjoy writing, we also have our own law journal and welcome new ideas and articles on a variety of legal topics. If you are an international student, we regularly organize meetings as well as specific events if you wish to practice abroad. We firmly believe that we have something for everyone: from large formal events to career-related workshops, you can choose what the Law Society is looking for for you. Follow our social networks to stay up to date with all our events! Having lived in the midst of a pandemic that brings uncertainty and exclusion from campus, I want members to rediscover an exciting array of personal social and professional events this year. The Law Society hosts several major social events throughout the year, including the President`s Welcome, our well-known and popular Fall Ball, a very special spring social event and a summer ball to say goodbye to all our future graduates. These take place in conjunction with our famous and prestigious annual quarry dinner, attended this year by sixteen companies and three chambers. To expand the social calendar, we are also organizing several new events. These include an international trip, visits to London and other northern cities including the Inns of Court, and a major sports tournament with other law firms and law firms by our very active sports teams. York University integrates experiential education focused on the classroom, community and work into its programs, giving you the hands-on experience you need to transition to your professional career.

We run career workshops, presentations and advice in collaboration with a number of leading law firms and law firms. In addition, we offer fantastic networking opportunities such as the annual Careers Dinner, which is attended annually by various law firms and law firms. This three-course event is a great opportunity to network informally with some of the world`s largest companies. All our events are included in our weekly newsletter, which you automatically sign up for when you become a member. We also regularly update our Instagram, Facebook and website with upcoming events. This training will enable you to pursue careers related to law, journalism, government, political research and academia. The Law Society of York aims to provide a multitude of opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a legal career, whether as a lawyer or lawyer, to develop their skills and deepen their experience. We are proud to work with some of the world`s most successful and innovative law firms regionally and internationally. We also have close links with renowned chambers in London and the North East circuit. Membership allows you to benefit from the close collaboration with our network by learning first-hand about life in the legal field through lectures, workshops and office visits. Members also benefit from the YLS Application Acceleration Program.

This university-wide mentorship program is run by successful professionals and students and is designed to grow you from a student to a future lawyer, whether in the legal profession, in a municipal law firm, or working for a charity. Home > Student Life > Clubs and Societies > Bar We are also very proud to work closely with Aspiring Solicitors, an organisation dedicated to improving social mobility, diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. We are not all academics and regularly organize social events that all our members can attend and enjoy, such as the Law Ball, the President`s Welcome and our annual Ouse River cruise. We host monthly club nights and other non-alcoholic events such as movie nights, karaoke, pizza nights, and even pottery workshops! No matter where you are interested in the legal field, we are well equipped to help you achieve your goals. Our Mooting and Bar Society has been shortlisted nationally as one of the best in the country and offers exceptional advocacy and advocacy training to prepare you for the Bar Association. Our journal, Ebor Lex, offers its students an academic opportunity on topics they are passionate about, at the intersection of law and current events.

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