Wyndham Council Legal Point of Discharge

9. Polluted or contaminated stormwater shall not be discharged beyond the boundaries of the property concerned or directly or indirectly into a drain or watercourse. The application must be considered at the meeting of the planning committee, as the proposal is located on municipal land. Legal discharge point refers to where rainwater leaves a parcel of land and can be discharged into the Council`s drainage infrastructure or other rainwater harvesting devices. To request information about the legal discharge point, you must complete an application form for the legal discharge point and the Council`s easement. Also known as By-law 610, LPOD or LPD, a legal discharge point certificate indicates the point at which rainwater flows from a property into a community-managed drain, as well as the location of the pipes on the property. The document indicates the point on the site where rainwater should be drained. The request was also forwarded to the Strategic Asset Management Department, the Environment Department, the Council`s Urban Future Department, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all of which raised no objections to the proposal. Watch www.youtube.com/user/WyndhamCity to watch tonight`s council meeting at 7 p.m. While the council`s planning committee will vote on the building permit application at today`s meeting, a report from council representatives recommends that the proposal be considered favourable and it is recommended that the amended building permit be obtained under certain conditions (as taken from tonight`s council meeting agenda): A legal discharge point certificate is essential for planning your stormwater and drainage points. The building permit under consideration, which was received by council in July, currently allows « the use and development of the land for a landfill gas energy system » at the landfill.

The Wyndham Town Council`s Planning Committee will consider an application tonight to amend the building permit to allow the use and development of the land for a landfill gas energy system at Wests Road Landfill, Werribee 10. All land concerned, including landscaped and paved areas, must be drained to the satisfaction of the competent authority to the legal point of discharge. 6. All activities related to the construction of the project authorized by this authorization shall be carried out to the satisfaction of the competent authority and care shall be taken to minimize the impact of such activities on the convenience of the site. 8. The use authorized by this authorization is suspended as long as a condition of this authorization that requires compliance at that time is not met. 15. Before commencing the work (other than work reasonably necessary to carry out the risk assessment required in this condition), the developer of the property must, to the satisfaction of the competent authority, NOTE: The use of the development permitted by this permit must at all times comply with the provisions of the Wyndham Master Plan. The Council does not have information on private stormwater pipes around the perimeter of apartments/buildings. Homeowners who need to line up private pipelines on their property should hire a plumber to conduct a site analysis or CCTV investigation. Please allow up to six weeks for your application to be approved before work begins.

It is proposed to amend it to include data centres powered by on-site electricity from renewable sources. Planting foliage over an easement does not require Council approval. Items such as grass and shrubs can be planted freely. However, trees are limited to a specification that has only a mature shallow root system and does not interfere with the council stormwater pipe included in the easement. 13. When constructing works under this permit, access to and exit from the land concerned must be by a route approved by the Council. (iv) the operator bears the reasonable costs incurred by the competent authority in engaging a consultant to carry out a peer review of the scope of risk assessment and the risk assessment report prepared in accordance with conditions 15(a)(i) and 15(a)(ii); The Operator shall also bear all costs associated with the preparation, performance and registration of the Contract, including those reasonably incurred by the Competent Authority and which may be required under Condition 15(a)(iii). 12. The vehicle must access the property concerned from a roadway or service road (and vice versa) through a vehicle intersection constructed perpendicular to the highway to accommodate the proposed entrance and the vehicles that will use the intersection. The location, design and construction of the intersection must be approved by Council.

Any existing unused intersections must be removed and replaced with concrete curbs and conduits to the satisfaction of Council. By-law 130(1) of the Building Regulations, 2018 requires the report and approval of a service authority in order to incorporate a easement transferred to that service authority. Examples of joint service authorities are the Council (rainwater) and Greater Western Water (sewers). You can ask for this permission if you intend to perform work through an easement. Easements must remain barrier-free to allow access to infrastructure service providers. Work in easement areas that may require approval includes activities such as: If you are unsure of the location of stormwater infrastructure on your property or the depth and size of pipes, this report will be helpful. Access all your real estate information through PSI Global`s online portal, including bushfire attack level reports and energy reports. Download the form Consent to the installation of a structure above an easement NOTE: In the event that this permit expires or if the land concerned is to be used or developed for purposes other than those for which this permit was granted, there is no guarantee that a new permit will be granted, and if a new permit is granted, The conditions of the permit may differ from those of this permit. take into account changes, circumstances, planning plan or policy. An easement is an area or part of an allocation set aside by law to enable the provision of common infrastructure controlled by the state or municipality for a specific purpose, which may include: (2) Once the system is operational, the owner/user shall conduct air emissions testing to determine the actual air emissions from the operation. This should be done in accordance with the EPA publication « A Guide to the Sampling and Analysis of Air Emissions. » In the event that more than 100 kg of nitrogen oxides per day or more than 500 kg of carbon monoxide per day is emitted into the atmosphere, the owner/user must notify the EPA.

E-mail address, telephone and contact address for this service in the form of a simple two-column table, header and then data. When you submit a Dial Before You Dig request through www.1100.com.au, it confirms whether the easement contains pipelines for entitlement to service. Anyone who builds or renovates needs a legal discharge point certificate. (a) provide the competent authority with all available information on the landfill gas risk assessment relevant for the use and development of the site and, following an evaluation of that information by the competent authority, provide, if necessary, by decision of the competent authority: 4.

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