Will There Be a Legally Blonde 4

In a 2019 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon promised that the film « will be so much fun. So full of fashion. So full of great feminist ideas. It will be global. When asked who she would like to see in her roles, Reese dropped the names of Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette Bonafonté), Luke Wilson (Emmett Richmond) and Selma Blair (Vivian Kensington). And it goes without saying that Reese returns as Her. Here`s the real question: when are we going to see Legally Blonde 3 after years of discussion? Originally, it was supposed to arrive on Valentine`s Day 2020 in cinemas. « I love Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson and Selma Blair and there are so many great characters that people love, » Reese told Entertainment Tonight. Original producers Marc Platt and Adam Siegel will work on the film. Witherspoon will also produce the film with his production company, Hello Sunshine.

There is currently no word on who will direct the film. « I can`t wait to see what people think of the way we wrote Elle Woods, » continued the « Never Have I Ever » co-creator. « We wrote Elle Woods when she was 40, so it was really fun to imagine what she was like at 40 and what she was like at 21. » Fans of the franchise will remember that She married fellow Emmett Richmond (Luke Wilson) in Legally Blonde 2. The actor has stated in the press that he would be willing to return to the role a third time if Reese asked him to, so we cross our fingers that their marriage is always strong! « There will be animals, » she continued. « There will be recurring artists. We have to film it first. But this is my hope and dream for `Legally Blonde 3`. It will be the return of Jennifer Coolidge, who is the greatest. « Time flies when you`re busy using legalese in your daily life, » she joked via Instagram in July 2021. « But really.

Playing Elle Woods has been the role of my life and I am so honored to have been a part of sharing her story with all of you. I wonder. What will she do next? Other than Coolidge`s return as Paulette, it`s unclear who else will return. Deadline reported that Kaling will team up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine creator Dan Goor to write the script for Legally Blonde 3. The couple recently collaborated on a Kaling/Priyanka Chopra wedding comedy that`s in the works at Universal. Witherspoon also starred with Kaling in Ava DuVernay`s A Wrinkle in Time in 2018. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon was asked to fill the void: « Legal Blonde 3 will… She said the new movie will be « so much fun. So full of fashion.

So full of great feminist ideas. It will be global. There will be animals. It will have recurring interpreters. We have to film it first. But this is my hope and dream for Legally Blonde 3. And the beast of Her, Paulette? Witherspoon confirmed, « It will be Jennifer Coolidge`s return which is the greatest. » We officially know when the third film will be released in theaters. During a virtual casting reunion of Legally Blonde with Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette Bonafonté), Selma Blair (Vivian Kensington), Jessica Cauffiel (Margot), Matthew Davis (Warner Huntington III), Ali Larter (Brooke Taylor Windham), Holland Taylor (Professor Stromwell), Alanna Ubach (Serena McGuire) and Luke Wilson (Emmett Richmond), a release date was confirmed. Legally Blonde 3 will be released in May 2022. And although the actors haven`t gotten together yet to shoot anything, they have gotten together to talk about the film. « I think I know as much as all of you, but we had a Zoom phone meeting last summer where the whole cast — Jennifer [Coolidge], Matthew [Davis], Selma [Blair] — got together and talked, so it was really great to see everyone, » Luke Wilson, who plays Emmett, Elle`s partner, said in an Aug.

18 interview on Good Morning America. « Reese is such a shrewd person, I think she`s probably waiting for the script to be good and the timing to be right. It`s going to be really fun to make another movie. After years of speculation and teasing, Deadline reported in May 2020 that Legally Blonde 3 had been given the green light. The outlet confirmed that Witherspoon will return as a blonde lawyer defending herself against Catcalls and won`t advocate for a sister sister to be wrongly accused of murdering her husband — after all: « Happy people don`t kill their husbands! » Who will play alongside Reese is still a mystery. In the 20-year-old reunion video of Legally Blonde, seen below, all cast members still had a lot of obvious love for the original film, which we hope would be ready for an appearance in Legally Blonde 3 if the script allows? With the third film coming up, there`s no better time to start the iconic Legally Blonde movement of « Bend and Snap! » Enjoy! And when asked if the film would contain references to previous films, Kaling said: « Bend and Snap is eternal. We certainly have a lot of fan favorites from the original film. « Legal Blonde 3 » is on its way, although it keeps being delayed.

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