Why Should Euthanasia Be Made Legal in the Uk

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal under English law. The issue of euthanasia or euthanasia is incredibly controversial and there are legitimate concerns on both sides of the debate. Today I will be moving a motion at the annual conference of the British Medical Association in Liverpool that says: for example, it could be considered euthanasia if a doctor deliberately gives a patient with an incurable disease a drug he does not otherwise need, such as an overdose of tranquilizers or muscle relaxants. for the sole purpose of ending his life. The goal of the medical profession should continue to be to save lives, but this should not come at the expense of compassion and the right of a terminally ill person to choose to end his or her life and die with dignity. Allowing a terminally ill person to end their life is the only human, rational and compassionate decision. The current prohibitions require that a person suffering from great physical and/or mental suffering continue to endure their suffering against their will, which cannot be just. The right to life and the right to private and family life under the European Convention on Human Rights should be interpreted broadly to include decisions relating to quality of life, including decisions relating to death when life is no longer of quality. Some Christians will use the Golden Rule to justify passive euthanasia, but not actively. The actions of Jesus Christians take into account the things Jesus did, as well as what He taught, to decide what is right and what is wrong. McKay and other euthanasia activists have argued that giving the dying the opportunity to choose when and how they die allows them to take control of their lives and how they are remembered.

Assisted suicide is illegal under the Suicide Act (1961) and is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Attempting suicide is not a criminal act. Euthanasia and suicide are explicitly forbidden in Islam, as Muslims believe that Allah is omnipotent. This means that he has the ability to do anything. Allah willing, He could heal the patient in an instant and relieve his pain. And so, on this basis, Islam forbids any act of euthanasia and suicide. By default, my conclusion is that euthanasia should not be legalised in the UK because I am Muslim. But taking into account all the arguments, it is rational that if a person suffers unbearably, only then should he be allowed to commit suicide, because he would rather die with dignity and die a painless death. However, I think that if euthanasia were legalized, people would speed up their life-and-death decisions and it would be impossible to stop it. Although this sounds rational, the fact is that it is not possible because it would become an on-demand thing where people who suffer little simply decide to commit suicide. So while this is a rational argument, it is not possible or conceivable to legalise it in the UK.

Learn more. Suppose Ms. Pretty has become permanently and severely incompetent as a result of brain damage and her life is sustained by medical technology. If her doctors believed that medical treatment could not provide her with any benefit because she was unable to engage in self-directed activity, then they could discontinue legally life-sustaining treatments, including hydration and nutrition.2 In such circumstances, they anticipated that she would die because they did not do what would normally be their duty. to protect life and health. In most other cases, clinicians do not have this discretion to expedite foreseeable deaths due to inaction. But Emily Jackson, professor of law at the LSE and member of the British Medical Association`s (BMA) medical ethics committee, wrote for iai news that « the arguments on the slippery slope are indeed often a smokescreen directed by people fundamentally opposed to legalisation to appeal to people who are not, but who fear the possibility of abuse. » This meeting supports the introduction of legislation that allows terminally ill but « mentally competent » people to opt for medical assistance in dying.

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